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Project Description
A C# library for getting the currently-playing track data from Windows Media Player and other media players which support sending Now Playing information to Windows Live Messenger.

libMsnMsgrUIManager makes it easy to find out what song is playing in Windows Media Player, or iTunes, or any other program that sends its Now Playing data to Windows Live Messenger. It creates a window which receives the messages broadcast by media players. You can then create an event handler which is called whenever the song changes or the user stops playing music:

msnWindow = new MsnMsgrUIManagerWindow();
msnWindow.OnMediaChange += new MediaChangeHandler(msnWindow_OnMediaChange);

// Event handler:
public void msnWindow_OnMediaChange(object o, MediaChangeEventArgs args)
   if (args.IsPlaying)
      MessageBox.Show(String.Format("You are now listening to {0} by {1} from the album {2}", args.Title, args.Artist, args.Album));

You can also query the MsnMsgrUIManagerWindow object for the last-received status message. Since messages are usually only sent by media player apps when the track changes or stops, the currently-playing track won't be available straight away.

The implementation is based on the wiki page on the MsnMsgrUIManager window at the PsyMP3 project (

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